"The Drunk Driver"
“The Drunk Driver”

Well friends, I saw an accident the other day,
And it would chill the heart of any man,
Yes, it would teach him never to drink a drop,
If he had a steering wheel in his hand.

Well, this accident occurred one sad Christmas Day,
And it caused two of the cutest kids you ever saw,
To be sleeping forever-beneath the clay.

Now these two little kids- they walked hand in hand,
Lonely, alone down this ole highway,
Cause Mommy had died,
And Daddy stayed away.

Now, these two little kids walked side by side,
How sad their hearts did feel,
When around the curve came a speeding car,
With a drunk man behind the wheel.

Well, the drunk man saw these two little kids,
And he hollered a drunkard sound,
He said, “Get out of the road you damn little fools”,
But his car had knocked them down.

Yes, the bumper struck this little girl,
Taking her life away,
And a little boy in a puddle of blood,
Along the ditch he lay.

Well, the drunk man staggered from his car,
To see the damage he had done,
And you know he let out a scream you could hear for miles,
As he recognized his own dying son.

Such moaning from this man came,
I’ve never ever heard before.
He got down on his knees
As he prayed to heaven’s door.

He said, “Oh God, please forgive me, forgive me,
For this crime that I have done”,
But his attention was then called away,
By the words of his own dying son.

“Daddy, why did you have to do this to us
How come you ran us down into the ground?
You know, it was you and Mommy we were talking about,
When your car knocked us down.

And I was just telling little sister,
That I hoped that you weren’t drinking again today,
So why did it have to be like this Daddy?
Why did it have to be this way?

Now we have to go with Mommy,
To our new home far away,
We’re sure going to miss you Daddy,
But we’ll see you again one day- why Daddy-why”?

Well the man put his hands together
And he prayed to God above,
“Why isn’t it my blood that runs
Instead of my little girl and son”?

Written © by Ferlin Husky and revised by
David Bell 1993

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1993 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission