On the Run
Donna Ulisse – Producer
Daniel Crabtree – Executive producer
Scott Vestal – Engineer
Daniel Crabtree – Vocals
Donna Ulisse – Background vocals
Rick Stanley – Background vocals
Aaron McCune – Bass singer
Cody Kilby – Acoustic guitar
Evan Winsor – Upright bass
Harry Clark – Mandolin
Gaven Largent – Dobro
Patrick McAvinue – Fiddle
Scott Vestal – Banjo

Street date: November 20, 2020

From the upcoming CD The Way I See It on Codel/Bell Buckle Records

On the Run
Driving down the highway one day you let your mind wander. As you pass a sign for Only, Tennessee, your drifting mind forms a story about an inmate who has escaped from the state prison there.
Singer-songwriter Daniel Crabtree tells that story in his newest single, On the Run. The song is from his upcoming CD, The Way I See It, on Codel/Bell Buckle Records. On the Run is the second song from the album, following Sally Sunday.
Daniel did not know where he was going one day driving on Interstate 40, passing the exit for the state prison at Only. He had done some HVAC work at the prison before.
He started to form a song.
“I wanted to get inside the mind of an escaped convict and humanize the character in a way by giving the listener something to sympathize about with him,” Daniel says. “His mother is dying and all he can think about is getting home to see her one last time. No matter our pasts, we can all relate to each other on that level.”
When he got home to his guitar, the song was born.
The Way I See It is Daniel’s fourth album. It follows his CD, The Storyteller in Me, which reached the Top 50 Contemporary Bluegrass Album Chart. He also has two gospel albums.
We hope you enjoy this song. And the next time you are driving down the highway, let your mind wander and see where your imagination takes you.
For more about Daniel, go to www.danielcrabtreemusic.com