Sally Sunday
“The idea for the song Sally Sunday came when a friend and I were talking one day, and he told me he wished someone would write a song about his grandmother because he thought she was such a unique individual and her life story was so unique. So I told him to tell me about her, and as he told me some key points about her life and personality, I wrote down some notes and put this song together.
The names have been changed to protect the innocent.” -Daniel Crabtree

Danny Crabtree is a constant source of pride for me these days. I have watched Danny embrace songwriting and wear the results like a favorite pair of shoes, natural and comfortable. His songs ring true, every bit of everyday living and ready
for the world to hear. It is my great pleasure to have been a part of introducing
Danny’s brand of music to you! - Donna Ulisse

“"Daniel Crabtree's delivery of the true to life songs he has written here
will speak to all.” LARRY SPARKS

Song Bio:
Daniel Crabtree offers up a new upbeat bluegrass song, “Sally Sunday,” from his
upcoming CD, The Way I See It.

This will be Daniel Crabtree’s fourth album since The Gospel Road, In the Shadow of His Wings and The Storyteller in Me. Daniel Crabtree celebrates a recent cut by award-winning bluegrass artist Larry Sparks: “Take Me Back to West Virginia.”
A popular single that was well-received from his last album was “Piedmont Train,”
which earned “Best Bluegrass Song” at the International Music Awards in 2020.


Donna Ulisse Producer
Daniel Crabtree Executive Producer
Scott Vestal Engineer
Donna Ulisse (Background vocals)
Rick Stanley (Background vocals)
Aaron McCune (Bass Singer)
Cody Kilby (Acoustic guitar)
Evan Winsor (Upright bass)
Harry Clark (Mandolin)
Gaven Largent (Dobro)
Patrick McAvinue (Fiddle)
Scott Vestal (Banjo)