Would You Be a Soldier? (Featured Single) (2:57)

Contact Info:
Daniel Crabtree

Songwriter, Publishing & PRO:
Daniel Crabtree / Three Girls I Work For Publishing / (ASCAP)

ISRC: QM2PK1720955

Daniel Crabtree releases a second featured single, Would You Be A Soldier? from his upcoming album, Closer Than I've Ever Been.  Daniel released a stellar fourth album, The Way I See It, in 2021. Crabtree wrote all 13 tracks and has become one of the celebrated singer/songwriters in today's gospel, roots, and bluegrass music. His songs embrace the human spirit through clever lyrics, for which Daniel's writing is known. The project is a mix of secular and spiritual songs produced by award-winning artist/songwriter/producer Donna Ulisse. The tracks were recorded and engineered by the multi-talented Scott Vestal.  

Daniel's recent accomplishments include recognition by the Independent Music Awards, which named "Piedmont Train" as the "Best Bluegrass Song of 2019," and a nomination by the International Acoustic Music Awards for "Best Bluegrass Song" ("Sally Sunday").   

Famous bluegrass artists Larry Sparks, Valerie Smith, and others have recorded his songs. Recently, the gospel songs recorded by Sparks "Don't Take Your Eyes Off of Jesus" and "All Over Me" have been charted on Bluegrass Today. Daniel's "He'll Change Your Life" charted on the Gospel Bluegrass Today Charts in 2021.  

His first two albums were original gospel songs. "I recorded two full gospel projects first because I felt that was my strongest material," Daniel says. His next album was secular material. His fourth album, The Way I See It, is a mixture of secular and gospel songs. Donna produced all four of the albums. Daniel records at Scott Vestal's Digital Underground Recording Studio in Greenbrier, Tennessee.  

"Most of my songs are from personal experiences," Daniel says, "but some are completely made up from my imagination."