Making A Killing (3:29)
Making a Killing:(3:29)

Dana Cooper (615) 438-3262

Songwriter:Dana Cooper
Publishing and PRO:
Dog Eared Music / Bluewater Music / SESAC
Administered by:Bluewater Music

Produced by:Thomm Jutz and Dana Cooper
Released:October, 2017

Dana Cooper: Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica
Thomm Jutz: Guitar
Lynn Williams:Drums, Percussion
Dave Francis: Bass
Justin Moses:Banjo and Fiddle

Making a Killing came out of that open E tuning I used for My America. This tuning was used by quite a few Blues guitarists early on. I happened onto a funky bluesy riff one day and took off. I remember my father's generation wanted to make a living at a decent job, have a car that ran, a modest house to raise their family in. That notion of making a living became more about making a killing.

Again, I wanted to address some social issues like poverty, the care of the old, health care, Wall Street corruption, Corporate greed, and still leave you tapping your foot.