My America (5:26)
My America:(5:26)

Dana Cooper-(615)438-3262

Songwriter:Dana Cooper
Publishing and PRO:
Dog Eared Music/Bluewater Music/SESAC
Administered by:Bluewater Music

Produced by:Thomm Jutz and Dana Cooper
Release date:2017

Dana Cooper- Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Thomm Jutz-Acoustic and Resonator Guitar
Lynn Williams-Drums, Percussion
Dave Francis-Bass
Justin Moses-Mandolin
Ingrid Graudins-Harmony Vocals

My America what have you become
Land of never was, land of god and gun
Home of love and greed, always number one
My America what have you become

She stands on the water
Stares across the sea
Searching for a stranger
Yearning to breathe free
Her towers all have fallen
She’s awakened from her dream
Her chains lie broken
At her naked feet

My America oh you look so blue
It’s the midnight hour and they say you’re through
They say your dance is done and you’ve lost your shoes
My America you look so blue

Democracy is murdered
When she lies too sound asleep
So she lies awake and worries
About promises to keep
And she keeps that fire burning
For the whole wide world to see
Every sailor saint and sinner
Every tyrant fool and king

My America such a lovely mess
Spilled your loving cup, torn your party dress
I can’t love you more, I don’t love you less
My America such a lovely mess

Bring your wretched and your homeless
Every color sex and creed
Every soul who’s ever wondered
Every soul who’s ever dreamed
Over here there is no other
Over here we’re all the same
Meet the exiles mother
Lady Liberty her name

My America beguiled and brave
Steeped in sacred blood, innocence betrayed
Oh you can’t be lost, and you can’t be saved
My America beguiled and brave