My America (5:26)
My America:(5:26)

Dana Cooper-(615)438-3262

Songwriter:Dana Cooper
Publishing and PRO:
Dog Eared Music/Bluewater Music/SESAC
Administered by:Bluewater Music

Produced by:Thomm Jutz and Dana Cooper
Release date:October, 2017

Dana Cooper- Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Thomm Jutz-Acoustic and Resonator Guitar
Lynn Williams-Drums, Percussion
Dave Francis-Bass
Justin Moses-Mandolin
Ingrid Graudins-Harmony Vocals

I love playing in open guitar tunings. Long ago I read somewhere about an old tuning where all the strings are tuned to E except for the B string. I'd written one song in this tuning and wanted to write at least another. I played an anthemic harmonic rhythm on the guitar and was immediately hooked on this strumming pattern. I'd sit for long periods of time just strumming and humming a melody hunting for what I wanted to say.

This went on for some months until I set out on a quest to write about what America is to me. I wrestled with too many ideas to cram into one song and it was frustrating. I would get too preachy or too nebulous and set the song aside in frustration. Then I concentrated on the dream of America, the struggle that so many people endure just to get a glimpse of the promised land. I wanted to write a song that would speak to the possibilities of our great experiment. The original E tuning was too high so I adjusted it all down to D.