Bird Or A Fish (3:40)
Bird or a Fish(3:40)

Dana Cooper-(615)438-3262

Songwriter:Dana Cooper and Linda Lou Marks
Publishing and PRO:
Dog Eared Music/Bluewater Music/SESAC
Administered by:Bluewater Music

Produced by:Thomm Jutz and Dana Cooper
Release date:2017

Dana Cooper- Guitar, Vocals
Thomm Jutz-Guitar
Lynn Williams-Drums, Percussion
Dave Francis-Bass
Andrea Zonn-Fiddle

My wife Linda once told me how she grew up across from the steel mills in Homestead PA. Her family of five lived in a small house and she wasn't allowed to have pets except for Goldfish and Parakeets. She said "you can't be friends with a bird or a fish" and we began writing this song. I always performed it a cappella which gave it a melancholy, lonesome feel. When I played "Bird or a Fish" for Thomm Jutz he suggested we arrange it for guitar, bass, drums, and fiddle. Thomm on guitar and Andrea Zonn on fiddle both brought soul and emotion to the song that just floors me.