Flat Made Round (3:31) (Featured Track)
Flat Made Round(3:31)

Dana Cooper-(615)438-3262

Songwriter:Dana Cooper
Publishing and PRO:
Dog Eared Music/Bluewater Music/SESAC
Administered by:Bluewater Music

Produced by:Thomm Jutz and Dana Cooper
Release date:2017

Dana Cooper- Guitar, Vocals
Thomm Jutz-Acoustic Guitar, Resonator Guitar
Lynn Williams-Drums, Percussion
Dave Francis-Bass
Jeff TaylorAccordion

The inspiration for this song came from a crude hand painted sign at a funky used tire store that said "We make flats round." I immediately thought, how philosophical. That was 18 years ago and it took almost that long to finish "Flat Made Round."

I must have written a dozen versions over the years but couldn't quite get it right. Then one day it all came into focus. I thought about books and films that inspire me enough to revisit them time and again throughout my lifetime. Oftentimes I catch myself wishing these books and movies could one day have a different ending. Next thing I knew King Kong, and Romeo and Juliette became actors in this little scenario.