Kirsten Alting "God Weaves Gold" (independent)
"God Weaves Gold"
Natalie Cromwell
Dixie Phillips
Sue Smith

There’s a young girl with a newborn child
Facing life with an anxious smile
‘Cause all her family just walked away
The day they learned of her mistake
But one day soon she’ll see
Every past can be redeemed

God weaves gold in every story
When faith becomes our testimony
Though we may not see it yet
With love He takes the threads
Of grief and grace and glory
And God weaves gold
In every story

There’s a husband standing all alone
Staring down at a graveyard stone
Two little kids at home keep asking why
Some mommas live and others die
But in his tragedy
Something whispers just believe


When your questions echo in the dark
The Father holds your broken heart
Trust that He is good and kind
And you will find