Run Into the Sun
You’re smiling, I’m nervous
Could it be something I said
You’re angry, I’m sorry
Let’s not do this before bed

Every time I’m with you
You think I need fine tuning
You think I can take it
Quick, while you’re not looking

Don’t take defeat, rip up the sheet
Turn up the heat, run into the …
No more unkind, leave it behind
You’ll never find, run into the …
Make it today, just get away
I’m here to say, run into the sun

This feeling’s not normal
It’s swelling over my head
Okay it is just me
Everyone has skin this red

Never knew the answer
To your daily question
You’d better stop asking
Only a suggestion

Repeat chorus

I’m writing this letter
To let you know I made it
The dogs all have been fed
And the phone bill I paid it

Never your salvation
Only your distraction
Let yourself do better
Liberate your action

Repeat chorus

©(p) 2001 Rosa Hosa/Pinkensteve (ASCAP)