Hills Of Geronimo
Hills of Geronimo
(Lyrics by Robert George, Music by Craig Bickhardt)

I grip my iron appaloosa
Far out in the Arizona night
Cold echoes from the red rock canyons
Join me in my midnight ride
I faintly hear the phantom war cries
Where proud Apache once called home
Are those marauding ghosts behind me
Or the moon reflecting off my chrome?

In the hills of Geronimo
A kingdom will be brought low
History robs us of all we call holy
It crumbles so slowly here
Like the hills of Geronimo

I ride these haunted, crooked highways
Among the bones of old mesquite
And the lion’s roar of my old Harley
Brands a disappearing breed
Like it feels a lonely kinship
With a people who died wild and proud
Fighting in defense of freedom’s birthright
Is what this land is all about

(Repeat Chorus)

The ride is rough beyond these highway signs
At least out here I know the road is mine
I’d rather risk it all and sometimes lose
Than just cruise along on roads I did not choose

(Repeat Chorus)