She Won't Be Yours Alone
She Won’t Be Yours Alone
(Music and Lyrics by Craig Bickhardt)

First you find her necklace in the grass
then she leaves her lipstick on your glass
She will make her dark intentions known
But she won’t be yours alone

Sultry as a saxophone she sighs
She came, she saw, she conquered with her eyes
Your heart will be a ruby in her throne
But she won’t be yours alone

Your persuasion will not phase her
Interrogation will not break her
Your ideals just liberate her
She’ll go free in the end

Spies conspire just to see her dance
She tangles all their senses in a trance
She’ll make you burn like Rimbaud in a poem
But she won’t be yours alone

Sacrifice your pawn to bait her
But you never will checkmate her
All your moves cannot frustrate her
She will win in the end

Once she draws the curtains of her bed
And plants her crystal vision in your head
You’ll crave her like a shot of methadone
But she won’t be yours alone
No she won’t be yours alone