Ancient Lullabies
Ancient Lullabies
(Music and Lyrics by Charlotte Ryerson and Craig Bickhardt)

They say when old sailors go back to the sea
They're looking for something to rock them to sleep
Down below, down below
And when their years have burned down to embers
In whale songs and zephyrs they somehow remember
songs that break through an old man's disguise
The ancient lullabies

Longing in their eyes
For a love that never dies
When this world stops turning, we'll all still be yearning
For the ancient lullabies

An old woman sits but she never can rest
Clutching a baby doll tight to her chest
Long ago, long ago
She was so young, rocking that cradle
Singing the songs she learned from the angels
Soon they'll enfold her back up to the skies in
The ancient lullabies

(Repeat Chorus)

A newborn baby slumbers and smiles
His mama doesn't know why
The sound of her heartbeat still pounds in his ears
it will linger, till the day he dies

Tonight there’s a drunkard asleep on the train
The roar of the stations, the sigh of the rain
Hum to him, come to him
Deep in his dreams the steel rails are ringing
Eternity whispers, the city is singing
Out of her bosom come merciful cries
The ancient lullabies

(Repeat Chorus)