Coal Tattoo
Coal Tattoo

Travelin' on down that coal town road. Listen to my rubber tires whine.
Goodbye to buckeye and white sycamore. I'm leavin' you behind.
Oh I've been a coal miner all of my life, layin' down the track in a hole.
Got a back like iron, bent by the wind.
Blood veins as blue as the coal. Blood veins as blue as the coal.
Somebody said, "That's a strange tattoo you have on the side of your head."
I said, "That’s the blue mark left by the coal. A little more and I'd be dead."
Oh I love the rumble and I love the dark. I love the cool of the slate,
But it’s goin' down that new road, looking for a job.
Traveling and looking I hate.
The traveling and looking I hate.
I've stood for the union. Walked in the line. Fought against the company.
Stood for the U. M. W. of A. Now, who's gonna stand by me?
I got no house Lord, I got no job. Just got a worried soul.
And a blue tattoo on the side of my head,
Left by the number nine coal.
Left by the number nine coal.
Someday when I'm dead and gone to Heaven the land of my dreams.
I won't have to worry 'bout losin' my job to bad times and big machines.
I'm not gonna pay my money away for dues and hospital plans.
I'm gonna dig coal while the blue heavens roll.
And sing with the angel band.
And sing with the angel band.

Billy Edd Wheeler on the song:
"Getting your skin design the hard way."

by Billy Edd Wheeler / Bexhill Music Corp / Quartet Music Inc/ASCAP