Other Girls Do
"Other Girls Do"

This POWER POP SONG is a ROCK ANTHEM for all women today.
This is "guitar rock with GIRL POWER!" The chorus proudly declares:
"I've been there, and I've done that before... I'm here 'cause I opened the door...
I don't care what the other girls do." This speaks volumes of the difficulties & expectations that come with simply being a woman in this man's world.

Most men expect women to dress, talk, act and react in some pre-concieved way they saw on TV or at the movies. Above all, women can NOT behave as men do! Society holds a huge double standard between the sexes to this day. This song addresses that stereotype, challenges it and succeeds! It's sung by Lynn 'Julian' aka pop superhero Cookie 'Cutter' Girl."

Julian was simply sick of being told over and over, "...but other girls...," and responding, "I don't care what other girls do!" We are not "women." We are individuals whose time has come. "Other Girls Do" is a rock anthem for all women today. This ANTHEM for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT speaks for all women who wish to be free from society's confining stereotypes.

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