This POP SONG has been seen as a response to JILL SOBULE's song, "I Kissed A Girl." This story of GIRL POWER starts where hers left off ... Reviewers said they see other girl acts covering this song. IE. LIZ PHAIR, THE DONNAS, GWEN STEFANI

Jenny is a college girl who appears to be in a "normal," heterosexual relationship to her friends and family. Yet, behind closed doors, she makes what *seem* like sexual advances at her girlfriend, the narrator/singer! Jenny's boyfriend finds out about their flirting in the bridge. The singer thinks this may be her big chance and finally makes a sexual advance toward Jenny in the last verse. How will Jenny respond? Listen and find out!

Lynn wrote this after experiencing SO many women seemingly flirting with other women. Thinking, "Are their boyfriends even aware of what's going on here?" and "If this was a *guy* they were flirting with, all hell would brake loose!" Somehow, guys aprove of flirting with their mate, if it's by another girl, She doesn't think of this song as being about lesbians, rather simply what *may* be going on behind your back guys!

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