This POWER POP SONG by Lynn 'Julian,' aka Cookie 'Cutter' Girl, allows the listener to hear the private thoughts of a women at a turning point in her young life. It sounds like SUSAN VEGA CROSSED WITH NIRVANA! (Quite a stretch from Singer/Songwriter to Grunge? Then, try throwing a little LIZ PHAIR and MELISSA ETHRIDGE in there too!)

I wanted to move forward, but knew in her heart that I *must* resolve painful, personal issues with my lover before I did. As the chorus chants: "Pain... I know you feel it...," we've all been there. This is one of my most personal songs. The lyrics are vague enough to apply to anyone's problems, yet, somehow, I hope,
you still feel as if the I'm singing *your* song. It's about each person's struggle to be part of a serious relationship and still maintain their independence & individual identity. Guy or gal, young or old, we've ALL been down this road before.
Listen to "Pain" and "I'll bet you think this song is about you..."

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