HAM FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Christmas / Thanksgiving Turkey Song)
"Ham for the Holidays"


Prepebescent turkey, "Tommy," plots to escape the fate of his ancestors by convincing the world to eat ham for the holidays! He battles with the bullying pig in the next pen over who makes a better meal ... and wins. "Sure pigs are cleaner, and they're smarter, but juicier for roasting, turkey's dry!" This endearing character will have you laughing from verse 1 ... and not feeling the *least* bit sorry for the pig! *smile*

Lynn Julian, was commissioned by the "Trouble With Turkey" coalition to compose the themesong for their latest campaign. Their spokesperson is Tommy, a ten year old turkey, who is trying to educate humans about alternatives to their typical holiday feast this season: HIM. The focal point of the awareness campaign is HAM: it’s juicier for roasting, turkey’s dry. They hope Julian's theme song, "Ham For The Holidays," will help folks remember this fact. Dr. Demento loved the tune so much he brought international attention to the song when he played it 2 weeks in a row during the 2004 holiday season. This was a tremendous honor, as Julian's indie song was played between big name artists Adam Sandler and Arlo Guthrie. Julian recently also received international recognition when her song won Honors in this years' Great American Song Contest.

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