Without You
"Without You"

This SURF POP SONG is about not wanting to let go of something, or someone,
because you can't imagine your life without them. The piece opens with the emphatic chorus, "I can't stand to start over... without you." The lyrics draw on all the similarities between the singer and the object of their affection. All verses are kept vague, so that everyone can relate. They can apply to ANY person or product, which gives this song a VERY WIDE APPLICATION in FILMS, TV and COMMERCIAL ADVERTIZING. How many products do *you* have in your life that you "Can't stand to start over" without?! Where IS my day planner/electronic organizer/laptop/cell phone anyway...*smile*?

I wrote this when I thought I was losing someone dear to me.
I couldn't, or didn't want to, imagine starting my life over again without them in it.
People are not replaceable. In this highly technological age, we start to feel the same way about certain personal belongings too...

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