Poor Lillie (4:19)
Poor Lillie

In the morning light I see the town assembled Justice will be served and that we all know well My body’s weak and my hands begin to tremble
As I grip the cold, steel bars of this Johnson County jail

I hang my head, I can’t escape my crime
My bloody hands have sealed my dreadful fate Poor Lillie’s dead, now I’ll climb the gallows high
I’m the man that took that poor girls life, therefore my sins I’ll pay

A lover’s rage had sought Poor Lillie’s life One hundred dollars placed upon her head I bore the vengeance of her lover’s wife
I met Lillie on the mountainside and there I shot her dead

Almighty God have mercy on my soul For today I’ll pay the wages of my sin
Like the dying thief, please can you make me whole
That my poor children, they might see, their daddy once again