I Sing Your Song
Tattered notes, scribbled lines written in your hand
Words that speak with clarity, though you no longer can
Friends, they ask about you, I don't know what to say
They offer words of comfort but I know you're not OK

Time won't ever heal the pain
Our lives will be forever changed

I sing your song and I hear your harmony
I sing that song, and you're standing next to me
Like you never went away, the music holds the memory
I sing your song

Angry and helpless as I watch you slip away
Darkness swallows you like it swallows every day

Nothings the same here anymore
Wishing you would walk through the door


Tattered hymnals, voices swell, my god how great thou art
We laugh and cry together, then leave with broken hearts

Now you're finally free from pain
But until we meet again