I Sing Your Song
I Sing Your Song

Written by Steve, with the assistance of multi-award-winning songwriting duo Dawn Kenney and David Morris, the song is a personal depiction of the struggle and reality gone through with terminal illness. “I watched a loved one deteriorating before my eyes, and it affected me deeply. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, however, in this cruel irony it was simply completing the circle and hastening the end.”
~Steve Harris

First released on Circa Blue's 2016 multi-charting album “Once Upon a Time”, the song resurfaced during collaboration with Valerie Smith. “I heard the lyrics to this song, and it touched on some personal experiences of mine. I’ve had friends who have lost themselves to depression, dementia, and other illnesses. It’s heartbreaking, and all you can do is have empathy.”
~Valerie Smith (Grammy-nominated and IBMA Nominated Artist)

Steve Harris, guitarist, and vocalist from the band Circa Blue, has overseen the evolution of the group for the last ten years. During that time, he has produced five projects which have experienced both radio and award-winning success.

A video telling the story will follow soon and will be available on YouTube for streaming.