Final Farewell
How many times have we said our goodbyes
Not Knowing that they were the last
Letting the minutes just slip through our hands
Lost forever in the past
Life has a way of confounding our plans
And fate has a mind of its own
One parting word might be all that we have
You won't ever know till it's gone

Hold me like you'll never see me again
'Cause you never can tell
Close your eyes and let's capture this moment in time
Like this is our final farewell

From today's tender kiss to tomorrow's regret
By chance, or the choices that we make
Just like a fire you can keep burning bright
Or leave to slowly die away
We've all known the joy when two hearts beat as one
But also the pain it can bring
Let's not take for granted this gift that we hold
For love can be a fleeting thing

Repeat chorus