The Recovery Waltz
6 - The Recovery Waltz
3:18 - © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI
ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0006. - Yes, a waltz, complete with beautiful fiddle parts and a humorous take on the struggles of getting and staying sober.

Step one Okay, I’m an addict
And my life is a mess Well, duh
This step is so flippin’ obvious
I should finish all twelve in a month

Step two came to believe a power greater than me
Could restore my sanity to my life
Sanity. Sounds kind of boring
But I guess I can give it a try

The recovery waltz
Step one step two step three
Any beginner can learn it
Even someone as stubborn as me

Step three turned my will and life over to God
Or I guess I should say higher power
Then took it back when answers to prayers
Seemed to take longer than half an hour

I don’t feel like searching and I’m not at all fearless
So the next part I think I’ll ignore
As long as I keep on waltzing
I’ll never have to do step four

The recovery waltz
Step one step two step three
I’ve danced myself into a corner
Stepping on my own feet

I accepted the things
That I could not change
Which gave me some peace
Which felt kinda strange

But to look at my part
In the mess that I made
Requires some honesty
Hence the delay

The recovery waltz
Avoiding reality
Dancing around the problem
And the problem of course is me
Me doing the recovery waltz