She's An Extra
5 - She’s an extra
1:42 © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI
ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0005. - Mid-tempo song recalling the Old West, this song recounts the adventures of a gal working as an “extra” in the TV and film biz.

Up at five in the morning
She packs three changes of clothes
Commutes into the city
For reasons she can’t disclose
She wears a woolen winter coat
Out in the summer heat
And for the fifteenth time
Waits for the cue to casually cross the street
She’s an extra

She moves her lips but makes no sound
Not even to cough
I think she’s saying peas and carrots (peas and carrots?)
My lip reading could be off
Sipping air from a coffee cup
She waits for the all-clear
Then takes the arm of her man
Her third husband just this year
She’s an extra

Behind the scenes she’s picking out her next identity
Biker? No Detective? No Hipster? No Model? No
Ordinary everyday pedestrian- that’s me!
She’s an extra

At last! A part in a movie
She told her job, “Drop dead”
You might see her on the big screen
Just look for the back of her head
She’s an extra