If I Had Her Picture
I’ve been talking , I’ve been dreaming
And I’ve tried to tell you in one single line
She’s one in a million, The one in my life
And I’m trying to ask you was I so blind
If it wasn’t for riches
If it wasn’t for more
Then what made her walk out that door
She was all that I want, She was love
But I was to busy counting the stars up above

If I had her picture I could show you a memory
And if I had one chance then this wouldn’t be history
If I had her picture ,It would be all I need
All I can say is never enough
It was jealousy that brought me to my knees
And if she were here then you would know
How much I hated to let her go
Are you still listening or are you dreaming
Are you thinking about someone you use to know
Didn’t I tell you she’s one in a million
But now I’m left here standing out in the cold