Flood Plain Of Despair
It Seems The Storms Of Life Are Threatening My Soul
Troubles Roll In Waves I Can Find No Place To Go
The Flood Plain Of Despair Is Plainly In Vie
I Need Some Solid Ground Or I'll Never Make It Through

I Know That You Have Walked On The Waters Rolling Waves
You're The Only One I Know Whose Able To Save
Help Me To Rise Above The Storms And Walk With You
Make Those Waves Solid Rock For Me Too

Floods Of Troubled Waves Are Crashing In
I Struggle With The Fears There Have Been
I'm Asking for Faith and Your Love So True
I'm Holding To Your Hand I'll Walk Along With You


You Can Help Me Face The Storms I Believe
The Devil Says You're Not With Me Oh He's Tryin' To Deceive
I Know That I Am Safe When I'm Close By You
When You Turn The Waves To Rock I Know I'll Make It Through