Emma (single)
I still remember our first sunset a boy just a living out his dreams and a blue eyed girl who just turned 17
Down by the river chasing bullfrogs pants legs rolled up to our knees and like the water our love was strong and deep
Working two shifts at the sawmill payed for a shiny little ring and you cried the night I got down on one knee
I built a cabin out of pine logs in a grove white oak trees then when times got hard you got hard to please

Emma my dear full of hopes and dreams and fears a home and little family we have started Emma my dear things aren’t as bad as they appear how could I end up alone and broken hearted

Vs 2-
Still the one that’s feeling guilty as you pack your things to leave and the sawdust fills the pockets of my jeans, I turned to whiskey, whine and Brandi and a million other things but nothing’s string enough to put my mind at ease, this empty cabin just gets colder with each letter I receive and I cry like hell with each one that I read, it tells me that you’ve found another and he meets your every need, what happened to the heart that once belonged to me

Emma my dear I don’t know what brought us here, have our childhood memories all been forgotten, Emma my dear I’m reminded of the years before our cabin timbers went to rotting

Emma my dear how I long to hold you near start a new life where the old one sadly ended Emma my dear I have cried a thousand tears for my broken heart will never be mended

Oh Emma my dear