Lover's Pine
Lover’s Pine was written as I created a modal melody and I wanted to make the story fit the mood of the melody. Sometimes I’ll just let the story happen the way it comes out, I can’t explain how it happens it just does.

Lover’s Pine

Willie don’t you go down to the river, your woman knows that you’ve been messin’ round
She’s got her daddy’s gun and headed for the forest she’s aiming for to gun old Willie down

Willie fell in love with a Cherokee Maiden, deep in the hills of Caroline
They’d meet late at night and make love in the darkness
By the river underneath lover’s pine

Late that summer night old Willie went a sneaking
To meet the one he truly loved
There behind the pine stood old Willie’s woman she saw them from the moonlight up above

Her heart began to pound when she saw the beautiful maiden
The last time ole Willie’d mess around
The silence was broken like the snappin’ of an oak tree
And there laid ole Willie on the ground

Sometimes late at night if you stand beside the rive
You’ll hear the wind’s lonesome whine
Here lay two lover’s who’s secret is forgotten
By the river underneath lover’s pine,
in the cold cold ground underneath lover’s pine