New Years Game
Sitting together on New year's Eve
Watching the ball drop on our TV
Getting tipsy from our champagne toasts
Arguing over who loves who the most

When all of a sudden the topic changed
She said how would you like to play game
Thinking like a man I said hey I'm all in
She grabbed some paper and a ball point pen

Let's make a New year resolution list
But in this case there will be a twist
I'll write yours and baby you write mine
Then we'll go over them line by line

I thought real hard before I wrote one word
I knew to tell the truth would be absurd
She on the other hand was scribbling away
Apparently she had a lot to say

I said hey Baby Doll are you about done
I didn't tell her that I only had one
She said I think that my pen just died
And flipped her paper to the other side

When she was done I asked if I could start
I knew it was enough to melt her heart
She read mine and then gave hers a fling
All it said was don't change a thing

I can't tell you where that evening led
Just make up something in your own little head
I'll admit it might have not been the same
If I had played her silly New Year's Game