Daddy's Christmas Tree
Stumbling through the woods, my feet were almost frozen But there wasn't any place I'd rather be
We were headed to the spot, that Daddy'd always take us To go cut down our family's Christmas Tree

It seemed we'd walk forever til we reached our destination
And we'd all take turns to bring her to the ground
When our little arms got tired, Daddy would take over
And in just a minute he would have her down

We'd bring it home and stand it up and place a star upon it
Nothing was a finer sight to me
Times they sure have changed but old memories stay the same
Of going out with dad to get our Christmas tree

One day we saw a man who was set up on the corner
Selling Christmas trees for $19.99
My Daddy pulled on over and we checked out his selection
And we drove off with the world's most perfect pine


Now plastic's taken over and the tree's all decorated
And all you have to do is plug it in
The needles never fall and that familiar smell is missing
How I long for Daddy's Christmas tree again