Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows

Nobody owns this river, nobody owns this sky
No one knows who owns this valley, no one owns the by and by
This great and gleaming twilight, this wind these polished stones
Your fleet and agile spirit, my old and broken bones
Nobody knows, nobody knows

Nobody knows what it is you’re facing, nobody knows what it is you fear
Nobody knows why it is you’re laughing, no one knows what it is you hear
No one knows how far your journey, no one knows how dark the night
No one knows how deep the valley, no one knows how hard the fight
Nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows

But everybody cares if the paint is peeling, everybody cares if the stove wont light
Everybody cares if the fence is broken, everybody cares if the dog won’t fight
Everybody cares if the floor ain’t level, everybody cares if the car won’t start
Everybody cares if the creek is rising, everybody cares about your broken heart
Everybody cares, everybody cares, but nobody knows

Mothers lost their children, and fathers lost their way
Farmers lost their fields, and workers lost their pay
Brothers lost their courage, and lovers lost their will
Fighters lost their spirit, and dreamers are searching still
Nobody knows how this happened
Nobody knows how we lost our way
Nobody knows why we fell silent
Nobody knows why we turned and walked away

But everybody cares if the fields are teeming, everybody cares if the bins are full
Everybody cares if the grid is humming, everybody cares about the bears and the bulls
Everybody cares how you made your fortune, everybody cares if you lose your mind
Everybody cares, everybody cares, everybody cares, everybody cares..
But nobody knows

Words and Music Copyright Bruce T Carroll (BTCSongs, ASCAP) 2021