Without Forgiveness
“Without Forgiveness”

Jerry Salley
Tony Wood
Another summer Saturday
Friends and family gathered ‘round
You and me sit side by side
and watch them take their vows
They just stand there smiling looking so in love
It won’t be long til they learn sometimes that just ain’t enough

Without forgiveness
Life’s a long and empty road
Without forgiveness
We’d give up and just let go
We never want to hurt each other
But that’s just something that we’re gonna do
And I hate to think what might become of me and you
Without forgiveness

Another sleepless Monday night
The house is filled with stubborn pride
Blame enough to go around
Throwing words just like a knife
The look in both our eyes says here we are again
In our hearts we know where this is gonna end


It’s a Friday afternoon
Tempers rising in the heat
Accusations fill the air
Blood stains a crowded street
People on a hillside stand there looking up
To a cross that says there’d be no hope for us


Sony ATV/Cross Keys/Songs From Exit 71 (ASCAP)/Universal - Brentwood Benson Tunes/Lasso The Moon Music (SESAC)