Be Better To Your Neighbor
“Be Better To Your Neighbor”
(And You’ll Have Better Neighbors)

Donna Ulisse
Jerry Salley

You never know when trouble might fall right at your feet
So show a little kindness to everyone you meet
Go ahead reach out your hand don’t wait on someone else
Cause some day you might be the one who needs a little help

Be better to your neighbor
And you’ll have better neighbors
Teach ‘em love is greater
Love ‘em like the Savior
Show ‘em grace and mercy
Don’t be one of the haters
Be better to your neighbor (Be better to your neighbors)
And you’ll have better neighbors

All of us are broken so don’t be quick to judge
And there’s more to every story if we look close enough
So when the unexpected shows up will you lock door
Or let them in and prove to them what a friend is for


Very Jerry Music (SESAC)/Uncle Hadley Music (ASCAP)