How I Want To Be Remembered
How I Want To Be Remembered

Larry Cordle
Jerry Salley

VS1) We’d all like to leave a legacy behind
A yardstick others might want to be measured by
Some aspire to monuments and accolades
Or some great contribution to the human race But the best that I could hope for when I leave this life
Is to live on in the hearts of those I leave behind
So Don’t waste a lot of big words on my epitaph
There’s just a few things that I’d like to be remembered as

CH) A brother you could count on
A friend that you could call
A dad my kids could talk to
When trouble comes along
A son my folks could be proud of
A man who loved his wife
When I’m gone that’s how I want to be remembered

Vs2) My life is passing like a fast train in the night
If I’m ever gonna make a difference now’s the time
I’ve got some calls and changes that I need to make
Things that I’ve been putting off that shouldn’t wait
Old accounts I should have settled long ago
Time I need to make for those I love the most
And pray that they forgive me if I come up short
Of the kind of man I want to be remembered for

EMI Blackwood Music Inc./New Songs Of Sea Gayle(ASCAP)/Country Gentleman Music (SESAC)