I Take The Back Roads
“I Take The Backroads”

Brandon Rickman
Jerry Salley

Vs1) I hardly recognize the place I come from
Now that the last stretch of the new four lane’s done
Junior Miller fought ‘em hard but the state finally won
the only farm he ever owned
now you can go all the way around town
and never see Jenny Baker’s old house
or pass the dairy queen where we all hung out
that’s why when I go home

CH) I take the backroads
Kick back and drive slow
Roll down the windows
And sweet memories start blowing in the wind
From the county road sign
To Daddy’s fence line
An old familiar feeling waits around each bend
There to greet me like a long lost friend
When I take the backroads

Vs2) I ride the brakes once I reach Low Water Bridge
That crosses Paint Creek where dad taught me to fish
and where Jenny Baker let me steal my first kiss
One hot August night
About a mile up Piney Ridge there’s a spot
Beside the Hilltop Mission Church where I’ll stop
To say a prayer and leave these (some) flowers I bought
Just another reason why


Tag) An old familiar feeling waits around each bend
Reminding me I’m back home again
When I take the backroads