I Miss My Miss In Mississippi
“My Miss in Mississippi”
Aaron Wilburn
Jerry Salley
Tonight I’m headed south on down to Dixie
It’s been 32 days now since I’ve been gone
But Once I get through Hattiesburg,
It’s just a few more miles to her
And I’ll be right back where I belong

I sure miss my Miss in Mississippi
Mississippi is where I need/want to be
I sure miss my Miss in Mississippi
And my Miss in Mississippi’s missing me

I’ll get myself another cup of coffee
When I gas up on I-59
Till she’s in my arms Again
that’s how I keep rolling when – I’m in
A magnolia state of mind

The first time I had to leave I knew I loved her
But I never thought I’d miss her like I do
So, I’m gonna show her just how quick
To go to Mrs. from a Miss
And prove to her my missing days are through