The Boy On The Black Horse
Early one morning before chores were done
The boy on the black horse rode into the sun
With love in his heart and a ring in his hand
He rode like the wind to his dear Mary Ann

She ran out to meet him and away they did ride
They’d flee to the city where she’d be his bride
But the sky grew dark dark as the night
And the rain came down and the water did rise

(Ooh, ooh, ooh) and the angels watched on high
They were out of sight

When they reached the river at Donivan pass
The water was raging and guarded the path
The current was strong and the crossing was lost
The boy left his saddle to lead them across (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

As hard as he tried he couldn’t hold on
With one last good bye he was claimed by the storm
Her prayers were heard as she too was lost
And somewhere beyond they made it across

And the angels watched on high
Till they came into sight

Late one evening with no race to run
The old black horse walked into the sun