Dreamer’s Melody (3:25)

Chris Myers

Billy Droze, ASCAP
Chris Myers, BMI

Different Kind of Crown Publishing, ASCAP
Chris Myers Publishing, BMI

ISRC QZEU62000068


I've always been a dreamer
At least that’s what they say
A weekend make believer
I was a rock star singing in a smokey bar on some corner stage
They said you won’t get far with an old guitar
And a set of rusty strings
But the lust of fame wasn't calling my name something else was calling me

So here I am guitar in hand
Strike up the band pull up a seat
And hear a dreamer’s melody

I ain’t broke and I ain’t stealing
I live from day to day
And if I never make a killing dealing millions I’ll still be the same
They said you won't get far in a beat-up car
And a half a tank of dreams
But in my life I’ve rolled the dice and I'm where I need to be

So here I am guitar in hand
Strike up the band sing along with me
To a dreamer’s melody

I march to the beat of my own drummer
Trying to sing a song that no one’s ever heard
I'm happy where I’m at and I don’t wonder
Bout roads I haven’t traveled yet and places I ain’t seen
No I’m just me
An old cowboy living my life
To a dreamers melody

I've always been a dreamer
That’s what they used to say