The Ballad of George Floyd
A country’s haunted streets filled with angry souls.

Carrying signs crying out again for injustice’s toll.

On that dark night a man spent a bad 20 dollar bill.
8 minutes of torture begged for mercy and then he was killed.

Under a knee of hatred George Floyd met his terrible end
400 years of the same hate & bigotry yet again
Blind men in power pouring gasoline on a burning fire
Mindless words spat out in a minute’s time like a clueless child.

Can you feel his pain?
He didn’t die in vain.
We can’t let this happen again.
It’s time to bring about change.

A gentle giant moved from Texas lookin’ for a better start.
Loved his daughters stood up for friends left with broken hearts.

Like brothers Garner, Rice, McDonald, Arbery and Brown.

Dark depths of racism gotta stop takin’ all these good men down.

Dave Specter: SpecTone Music/BMI