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The founding members of BAD DADDY, formed in 2005, have always loved both Rock & Roll and Americana music. From the early roots of bluegrass to the latest rock & roll craze, a special place is reserved in BAD DADDY’s collective heart for this iconic music. Band members Mark Lightcap, Bruce Marelich, Cole Spohr, George Newcom, Jerrad Benedict, Ray Fernandes, and Vera Bridges were all involved in the recording of VINTAGE. Tragically George Newcom, their drummer, passed away before the album was mastered. He did complete all his drum tracks and BAD DADDY says, "He lives on in our hearts and we feel him through the music on VINTAGE." In the early years BAD DADDY combined acoustic instruments such as Vera’s fiddle and Cole’s banjo, with electric instruments such as Bruce’s Fender Strat leading several of the songs toward the Americana genre. BAD DADDY fans and supporters have clamored for the re-release of VINTAGE, their debut album. BAD DADDY band members are thrilled to announce, "Chester Street Records is re-releasing VINTAGE in 2017."

Rhythm guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter Mark Lightcap remembers his first introduction to rock music. He was in Junior High in the San Francisco Bay Area and had been given a transistor radio for his birthday. Tuning it to one of the local rock and roll radio stations, KFRC or KYA, he would lay in bed at night listening to such greats as The Coasters, The Bryds, and Chuck Berry. Of course, if his mother caught him he would hear her yell, “Turn off that damn radio and go to sleep!” Mark would “hear” songs in his head that he had never heard before. Some would call it gifted, others might call it schizophrenic. Regardless, he would hear songs never before written, complete with a melody, vocals, and instrumentation. In the beginning, Mark couldn’t figure out how this happened and didn’t realize until later that he was destined to be a songwriter/musician. It wasn’t until he met BAD DADDY’s lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bruce Marelich at San Carlos High School that his passion for music became a tangible thing. Bruce taught Mark how to play guitar. After Mark's senior year in high school he moved into the "band house" and joined a band that Bruce was in called Uther Pendragon. For over 10 years they played all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Uther Pendragon never had the good fortune to release an album; however in 2015 Guerssen Records, a record label in Spain heard their music on-line and released a triple vinyl UtherPendragon LP called San Francisco Earthquake. It is now in its second pressing: In addition to San Francisco Earthquake, Lightcap’s songs have been heard on TV and film, been featured in a Nickelodeon movie of the week, and taken first place in the Great American Song Contest, a second place in the International Song Contest, and a top ten finish in the Billboard Music Contest.

Lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bruce Marelich learned how to play guitar at an early age and continues to perfect his craft. His first songs, penned during his teenage years were featured on Uther Pendragon’s album “San Francisco Earthquake” . He, together with Mark Lightcap and Cole Spohr, wrote the songs on BAD DADDY’s album “VINTAGE”. Bruce isn’t sure where the inspiration for his incredible songwriting talents comes from, he’s just happy it comes. He opens up and out pour these amazing songs. His creative juices don’t stop with his songwriting prowess. Marelich’s guitar instrumentals are so unique they defy fitting them into any particular box. On BAD DADDY’s album “VINTAGE”, you will hear solos that range from blistering riffs complete with controlled feedback on the rocker “Hippie From the 60’s”, to jaw dropping licks on “Life of Sorrow”. His solo on the swing tune “Stingy” is in a class by itself. Although he has been compared to the greats such as Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, he maintains a sound all his own. Bruce’s use of sustain and controlled feedback is incredible. Back in the early days he had been experimenting and using a ‘fuzz box’ (like the one used in Heart Full of Soul by The Yardbirds and, along with that, a small pre-amp plugged directly into the guitar used to ‘overdrive’ the signal. This gave a distinct sustain when used correctly. Marelich says, “I guess you could say that I was influenced by the great Carlos Santana’s guitar work.” Coincidentally Lightcap and Marelich were recording a 4-song demo at Pacific Recording Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area at the same time Santana was recording their Abraxas album. While they were there to mix down their demo, the engineer played them the bass and percussion tracks off Santana’s album. Lightcap and Marelich say, "We were completely blown away when we heard those tracks. We'd never heard anything like it!"

Multi-talented Cole Spohr has been with BAD DADDY since its inception in 2005. He plays a multitude of instruments, including the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and banjo. With an incredible baritone voice, he brings a refreshing versatility to the band. Cole loves Americana music as much as he loves rock and roll. BAD DADDY’s debut album, VINTAGE, released in 2012 and re-released in 2017, features several Americana songs. Cole is the lead vocalist and co-writer on VINTAGE’s “Life of Sorrow”, a soulful song that highlights the plight of the American slaves. He also penned the song, “The Devil’s in the Details”.

George Newcom joined BAD DADDY as their first drummer around 2006. Tragically, he passed away before VINTAGE was mastered. George was a lover of BAD DADDY’s original music. He had been in a cover band back in the 60’s called the Loading Zone. Although the Loading Zone played some incredible venues like Winterland and The Fillmore Auditorium, they only played cover tunes. George was very excited to have the chance to finally play some original material. He put his creative juices to work when he joined BAD DADDY. With encouragement and suggestions from his fellow band mates he came up with perfect drum parts to fit each song, weather it be an Americana tune or a rock song. George’s contagious smile and love of BAD DADDY’s music are missed as much as his musical expertise. RIP BAD DADDY George.

Mark’s nephew Ray Fernandes, was BAD DADDY’s first bass player. Ray had just finished writing and recording a Christian rock album and was in between gigs. Ray joined the band in 2005 and played bass on the two tunes that were recorded live at the Shasta Blues Festival: “Hippie From the 60’s” and “Roll On”.

Jerrad Benedict joined the band after Ray stepped down, and played bass on the remaining 8 songs on the album. Life became a little too crowded for Jerrad what with attending college and working part time at a golf course. Scott Hilke replaced Jerrad and remains BAD DADDY’s bass player. He played all the bass parts on BAD DADDY's latest album: Still Rockin' the World

Vera Bridges joined BAD DADDY sometime in 2005. She is an excellent fiddle player which is highlighted in the song “Almost”. "Her feel for exactly what that song needed is remarkable," says the songwriter, Mark Lightcap. She also did backing vocals on many of the VINTAGE songs. Although Vera never wrote any songs for BAD DADDY, she was just getting into songwriting when she left the group. She has continued that pursuit and is working on recording and releasing her first album.

It’s all about the song and BAD DADDY loves the songs they recorded on their VINTAGE album. Released originally in June, 2012, due to popular demand they are re-releasing it in 2017. VINTAGE includes:

1. Almost – 4:06 Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
2. Life of Sorrow – 4:15 Cole Spohr/Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing
3. Stingy– 3:32 Bruce Michael Marelich/Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
4. You Let the Devil in to Play– 4:10 Bruce Michael Marelich/Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
5. Hippie From the 60’s– 5:26 Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
6. No Reply– 4:09 Bruce Michael Marelich/Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
7. That Old Hound Dog– 3:07 Bruce Michael Marelich ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
8. Roll On– 3:37 Bruce Michael Marelich ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
9. The Devil’s in the Details– 3:01 Cole Spohr ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP
10. Little Old Man– 3:10 Mark R. Lightcap ASCAP Chester Street Publishing ASCAP


Mark R. Lightcap-rhythm guitar/vocals/keyboards/songwriter
Bruce Marelich-lead guitar/vocals/songwriter
Cole Spohr-guitar/vocals/harmonica/mandolin/banjo/songwriter
George Newcom-drums
Jerrad Benedict/Ray Fernandes-bass guitar
Vera Bridges-fiddle/vocals

Produced by: Mark Lightcap/Bruce Marelich/Cole Spohr
Tracks recorded at: Bad Daddy Studio, Chico, California, USA
Remote recording: Marelich Studio, Shingletown, California, USA/Shasta Blues Festival, Redding, California
Engineer: Mark Lightcap
Mixed by: Mark Lightcap, BAD DADDY
Mastered by: Yes Music
Graphic Design: Mark Lightcap/Vera Bridges
  • Members:
    Mark Lightcap, Bruce Marelich, Cole Spohr, George Newcom, Jerrad Benedict, Ray Fernandes, Vera Bridges
  • Sounds Like:
    Almond Brothers, Bob Marley, Flatt & Scruggs, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker
  • Influences:
    The Beatles, The Byrds, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, The Lonesome River Band, Lynyrd Skyryrd, BB King
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  • Profile Last Updated:
    08/03/18 17:03:01

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