Bhangra Brothers - Nawa Dor
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The great boom in all things Bollywood and Indian was sparked off by a single smash hit: Mundian To Bach
Ke by Panjabi MC. Manmander Singh Kahi has performed the song with Panjabi MC on all the major stages
of the world. After that great success, Manmander Singh Kahi and Gurinder Singh Bewas founded a new band
the Bhangra Brothers a riveting cocktail of the East and West. HipHop beats meet instruments from
the party vibes of western India. The band represents a new form of expression for the cultural and musical
movement. Since they were founded, the Bhangra Brothers have been touring as a live band together with
Panjabi MC. Now at last, the long awaited debut album Soni Mutear has been released.
The Bhangra Brothers, whose musicians are Manmander Singh Kahi and Gurinder Singh Bewas, present Soni Mutear,
an album that was recorded in England and is very much in the style of the British Bhangra club culture, joining forces
with the production team Northstar Productions and other producers such as Panjabi MC, RDB, Sean Finn and Pit
The expressive duo are cousins and got together two years ago, wearing their traditional turbans as a visual expression
of Sikh Indian club beat culture, spreading the message throughout the western musical world. The Bhangra Brothers
are already cult in the Bollywood & Bhangra community: No band in the same genre was hired more often in the last
two years. Their tracks are in very high demand and are already on all the important play lists, such as the BBC Asian
Their story:
In late 2002, DJ Sikhsta aka Manmander Singh Kahi began organising Indian events in the Stuttgart/Heilbronn region
and created a series of parties called Black & Indian Beatz, where many international artists were invited. With his fitting
pseudonym, he embodied the Indian Bhangra Brother DJ at a time when Bhangra was entering public perception,combining a fascination for spirituality and urban vibes. At one of his events, he met Panjabi MC and they agreed to
work together.
From then on, the worldwide hit Mundian To Bach Ke by Panjabi MC was presented at major European venues,
including the World Music Awards - Monaco, the Festival Bar - Venice, the Amadeus Awards - Vienna, the German
Dance Awards - Berlin, Top Of The Pops - Cologne and many more.
Since then, the three soul mates have performed in over 100 shows together on every Bhangra stage and are a fixed
element of modern black music in the West. Today, Bhangra Brothers with Panjabi MC enjoy a very high level of
Their songs have already been licensed for films (for instance with theme tune for the film Kampfansage). As well
as playing in clubs, they also perform on many other stages, for instance at the recent NFL-Cup in the Berlin Olympic
Stadium, or the major Bollywood fairs and events.
Soni Mutear is the perfect Bhangra club album and is sure to impress Bollywood fans, club-culture insiders and world
music lovers alike. Packed with energy, rhythmical drive, melody and charisma, it finally fills the huge vacuum that has
been crying out for modern, club-compatible Bhangra songs in the wake of the Bollywood boom.
g About the artists:
Manmander Singh Kahi was born on February 20, 1982, the second child in the family, in the Afghan capital Kabul. His
parents, who originally came from India, lived in Afghanistan until 1990, before fleeing to Germany due to the civil war.
Manmander went to elementary and secondary school there and trained to become a retailer and salesman. He gave
up that profession in 2006 to become a freelance musician, giving him greater freedom to work on his passion.
Gurinder Singh Bewas alias Rowa, the second member of the band, was also born in Kabul on September 29, 1972.
His parents, who also come from India, lived in Afghanistan. In 1978, Gurinder went to school in Kabul and achieved
a university-entrance level in 1989. In January 1990, Gurinder Singh Bewas fled to Germany due to the civil war and
worked in various companies until 1998. Since 1998, he has been working as a freelance journalist in the advertising
industry and as a musician.