Oh love, I stand before you
With my arms open wide
I’m broken and blue
Lost without you
I need you to survive

Here’s my heart in your hands,
I’m giving it to you
I’ll stand beside you baby if you want me to
If I don’t find all the things that we once knew
I’ll search a four-leaf clover till my dreams come true

Oh love, I ask just one thing
Let me walk and stand up tall
In tangerine dreams
A carnival scene
The colour I miss most is yours

All I’m asking is you take away the blame
Without you my lonely eyes are filled with rain
Be with me forever, past the binds and chains
Won’t you touch me now and erase my pain?

Oh love, give me a reason
To live this lonely life
Give me the strength to travel on
To find my way back home
To love, infinite and wise

Gimme gimme gimme that good good feeling
Gimme gimme gimme that sweet sweet feeling
You smell so right, you make it so fine
Gimme gimme, give it to me all the time

Oh love, please don’t ignore me
My soul is screaming out your name
One hundred miles for every word
I’m not shy and I’m not proud
With this song, oh let me be heard

My whole life is a quest to bring you closer
Don’t forsake tomorrows past, smell the roses
Climb a mountain, cross a river, every footstep
Sometimes we don’t bat an eye,
but we ain’t done yet

Oh love, do not forsake me
For all I have is you
For all the wrong I have done
I know you’re the only one
You’re like a dream come true

I’ve been hurt, my heart is weak and now you tease me
Are you a lie? Are you the truth? Don’t deceive me
This is just a state of mind, the solution for mankind,
You arrive just in time, leave this prison far behind

Oh love, I surrender
Time goes by and then you’re gone
I close my eyes and feel the breeze
The whisper of eternity
Only Now can never end

Why’d you hold your love from me? Don’t you know it’s killing me?
Who will win at this game? Will I ever be the same?
Why’d you leave me alone? Where’s the solace when you’re gone?

Oh love you have provided
Joy and amazing rainbow clouds
The fire to burn my soul
So rich and so mellow
Oh love, oh love, oh love

Since you left me all alone, with shattered hoping
When I fall and have no other, weak and broken
I can’t swim the deepest sea or climb the mountain
Is love supposed to hurt? Yeah, that’s my question

Oh love, give me the strength
to believe when the world falls away
To hold on and stay strong,
Build a life on solid ground
Oh love, please show me the way

Everything we shared, the air, the bed, the water
I love the wild child that we share together
You give me love and strength like no other
Courage to travel on so much further

Oh love I am a pilgrim
I’m the hollow of my soul
I can never forget
I’m on a sea of regret
Adrift in the ebb and flow

You’re like a snowflake, gentle on my tongue
A drop of water in my palm, where have you gone?
You’re a mirage, the light that shows the way
Folks are strange everyday, what I think I hear you say

Oh love we are all children,
We are lovers, we are seeds, we are one
We are under time’s spell
We will drink from heaven’s fount
Oh let us be heard in this song

In the end you are my friend, my very favourite trend
There’s no future, there’s no past
Say goodbye, see you again
Be the way I used to be
See love in everyone I see
Be the way I used to be
See love in everyone I see
Be the way I used to be
See love in everyone I see
Love in everyone I see
Love in everyone I see