© Audrey Auld-Mezera Sep 22, 2012

Your wife dresses like she ain’t married
Your wife cusses like she don’t care
Your wife wears way too much mascara
And walks around in other people’s underwear

Your wife made out with my girlfriend
Your wife went drinking with my son
Your wife don’t care what they’re all saying
Your wife is having too much fun

Can’t you get her into line?
We’re really quite concerned
Don’t you think there comes a time?
Haven’t you heard?

Your wife stays up late smoking
Your wife dances to rock and roll
Your wife spends too long in the bathroom
Your wife should be staying at home

Can’t you give her what she needs?
Why’d she act like that?
All the reasons you give me
Don’t change the fact

Your wife ain’t acting like a lady
Your wife really should cross her legs
Your wife is making people crazy
Your wife should be staying home instead

Your wife is making people crazy
Your wife needs to get out of my head