© Audrey Auld-Mezera Nov 17, 2012

I was born on a mountain
I found my world among the ferns
Wrapped in Brahms as a baby
Silently watching it burn

I came of age with a hard truth
I saw my father stand and cry
I found a friend in Bobby Dazzler
As my family splintered inside

I gave myself to my demons
Lost my dreams to pills and punk
I danced a long careless spiral
Through fields of sorrow and junk

I am not my mother
I am not the words she said
I will not bear my father’s burden
I have cried those tears from my head

I found a man, I found so many
But there was not one who found me
I put my heart out on the highway
And watched it slowly bleed

There came a devil with a guitar
And the promise of love so strong
I wrapped myself in his reflection
And sold it all for a song

I am not so stupid
As I was way back then
I am still my father’s daughter
I’m a Buddhist Ayn Rand

I saw a ship adrift on the ocean
So many years, so many seas
I felt the winds blowing me closer
Till I saw that ship was me

Oh come to me, handsome sailor
Lift me up and let me be
Hear the song of the siren
For that’s all I can be

But you will not fall and shatter
You will not break apart
I’m the stone, I am the water
I’m the storm inside your heart

I trust my pen on the paper
And the music in my head
I love sweet isolation
And the beauty when nothing is said

I was born on a mountain
I will die when it’s my time
I give thanks for your attention
The pleasure was all mine