Bound For Glory
© Audrey Auld-Mezera Nov 2010

I'm bound for glory
I'm stepping out
I'm bound for glory
No fear, no doubt
I'm bound for glory
Mama done told me so
I'm bound for glory
Roll child roll

Been good to my neighbors
Been good to my friends
Been good to my father
Lord, I made amends
Been good to my family
I hold strong and bend
Be good to each other
Right till the end

I’ve been thru the wasteland
Washed up on the shore
I drowned in the bottle
More, more, more
I drank my fill
But was empty inside
Now I’m crossed over
I'm the rising tide

I am a pilgrim
I’m on the path
I seek the way
To be free of the past
I saw the light
Oh and I saw the dark
Lord help me see
The light in my heart