What Do You Want This Year?
What do you want for Christmas?
What do you want, my dear?
Something special with a bow
Maybe tickets to a show,
What do you want this year?

What do you want this season?
You’re driving me round the bend,
I’ve tried with all my might
But I never get it right
I’m at my own wits end

Furs, and jewelry too,
They’ve all been on my list
But they never suit you
You know that I expect it
‘Cause every gift’s rejected

So what do you want from Santa?
Something I might have missed
No, don’t make me try to guess
Let’s make this effortless
Whisper it with a kiss

Each year, always the best
Must I always outdo?
Can’t you give it a rest?
Enjoy the Christmas feeling,
The one that’s got me reeling

And though I may find a present
That fills you with good cheer,
There’s nothing that would say
How much I love you every day
But I’m gonna try, my dear
So what do you want this year?