Oh Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus
You can take your time this year
Can’t you make this holiday
Last a little longer?

Oh Santa Claus
That’s the wish I hope you’ll hear
So load your gifts upon your sleigh
But wait a little longer

‘Cause I need more
More mistletoe and falling snow
And family by the tree
More Christmas lights and frosty nights
More time is what I need

Oh Santa Claus
It won’t be long ‘til you appear
Unless you make this season stay
Around a little longer

‘Cause I need more
More friends around when I’m in town
They mean so much to me
More Yuletides by the fireside
Won’t you help me please?

Oh Santa Claus
Though the hour’s drawing near
The date that ends this holiday
I have faith that you’ll find a way
To make this Christmas last
A little longer