What if it all goes right (3:25)(Featured Track)

Amy Scruggs

Produced by Fred Mollin at Sound Emporium Studio Nashville TN

Words & Music: Tania Hancheroff (SOCAN) / Tamara Hyler (BMI) / Shaye Smith (BMI)
Publishers: Addymak Music (BMI) / EMI Blackwood Music Inc (BMI) / Godfather Rich Muzik (ASCAP) / Song Catchers Music Inc (ASCAP) / Universal Music- BGM Songs (ASCAP)

Kerry Marx: Electric Guitar
John Willis: Acoustic Guitars Electric Guitars Banjo
Catherine Styron-Marx: Piano, B3 Wuritzer Synth
Larry Paxton: Bass
Tommy Hardon: Drums and Percussion
Stuart Duncan: Fiddle
Scotty Sanders: Pedal Steel Guitar and Dobro
Fred Mollin: Acoustic Guitars and Synth

Background Vocals: Tania Hancheroff and Troy Johnson

Executive Producer: Brad Galvan
Artist & Repertoire: James Rea
Graphic Artist: Mark Alano